There are several options for retirement benefits.  We assist in helping you develop the ONE that works BEST for you and employees.

The decision to implement a retirement plan is one of the smartest choices that a business can make. It can give you and your employees the opportunity to save for your future while enjoying substantial tax savings today. The benefit to a business owner is twofold. First, as a business owner, a company-sponsored retirement plan can help you attract and retain your most valuable business assets – quality employees. Secondly, as a participant, a retirement plan will allow you to save for your own retirement.

Next to health and life benefits, surveys show that employee retirement plans are the most effective benefits an employer can offer to attract, build and retain a happy, productive workforce.

Employee Advantages

  • Convenient way to save through automatic payroll deductions.
  • Contributions are pretaxed, lowering taxes and maximizing contributions.
  • Many plans allow borrowing savings for life’s special events and purchases, such as a house, education or medical expenses, or hardship withdrawals.

Employer Advantages

  • Employers can match contributions, further enhancing the benefits.
  • Contributions made by employers are tax-deductible to the employer, therefore also lowering taxes for employers.
  • Many plans allow owners to also save for their own retirement.

Retirement Benefits

The following are the types of 401(k) Plans we will assist you in setting up and maintaining:

Simplified Employee Pension
Profit Sharing & Money Purchase
401(k) Plan

*For more information, visit the IRS website page on Tax Information for Retirement Plans.

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