Protect your business against the death and / or disability of a valuable key employee.

Typical Group Life and Disability insurance offered to employees usually only cover a fraction of a key executive’s high income.  Q.S.R. Insurance Agency, Inc. can customize a benefit package to wrap around the group plan for each of your key people, ensuring they and their family members are adequately protected in the event of an untimely death, accident or illness.  Providing your executives with key person insurance creates a safety net for your business as well.

Statistically, key personnel who generate a substantial amount of income for the business, and other types of important key employees who suffer an illness or injury can lead to:

  • Interruption or loss of existing and potential product sales.
  • Loss of confidence from existing or new suppliers.
  • Loss of competitive edge afforded by innovation or design expertise.
  • Special projects delayed or not completed.
  • Additional strain on remaining staff who have to cover for the missing key person.
  • Lowering of staff moral.
  • Large recruitment costs and head hunting fees to find a replacement.

All these factors make it imperative that well run businesses insure their key staff, as well as their other assets.

Key-Person Benefits

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Key Person Life Insurance
Business Overhead and Key-Person Disability
Buy Sell Agreements
Personal Accident Insurance
Critical Illness Cover (CIC)
Permanent Health Insurance (PHI)
Qualified Sick Pay
Executive Deferred Comp
Executive Reimbursement

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